Wet Panel Carriers

Workshop coming up? Here's a pretty way to keep your wet paintings safe. With the same cherry, baltic birch, and stainless construction as the pochade boxes, you'll be using this box for a long time to come.


This box can carry eight 9 or 10x12's, or use the dividers to create a mix of 6x8, 8x10, and 9x12's.

  • Carries eight 3/16" panels completely protected. Designed primarily as a 9x12 and 10x12 carrier.
  • Two included removable adapters allow carrying 6x8 and/or 8x10, as well as 12" panels.
  • Same construction details and techniques as the pochade boxes,
  • This box has same external dimensions as the Bitterroot pochade box.
  • 11x14 version (+$12) matches the Yellowstone pochade box. Allows carrying 10x12, 9x12, 11x14, all at once. Or position the adapted at 8" and carry 8x10 or 6x8
  • I can make other sizes as well to fit your needs. Smaller boxes without dividers are simpler and run around $80. Contact me for details.

Dimension10x12 Wet Panel Carrier: 12 5/8 by 11 by 3

Weight: 2lbs, 8oz

$ 95.00

Shipping and tax will be added when ordering.

These boxes are individually handcrafted. Please see the page about Ordering and Delivery Times before ordering.

The pochade boxes do not include tripods, but they are made to fit all standard tripod mounts. See the Links page for information and suggestions.